“Voce di Padre Pio” Foundation

Culture, publishing, evangelization,
in the name of our Saint

Our Mission

What we do

We spread

We spread

the Gospel and the message of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina from his life and his work in an authentic and correct manner.
We promote

We promote

the dissemination and awareness of the social and pastoral actions of the “Capuchin Friars of San Giovanni Rotondo”, whose benefits are directed to the community.
We ensure

We ensure

fraternal welcome, assistance and the care of benefactors, pilgrims and visitors in all the locations where the Foundation operates.
We work

We work

for the protection and conservation of the artistic, architectural, cultural and religious heritage of the “Capuchin Friars of San Giovanni Rotondo”.

The Foundation


May 11 2006 It is the “operational arm” for the creation of cultural, publishing and evangelization activities of the religious Province of Sant’Angelo and Padre Pio of the Capuchin Friars (recognized at a civil level as a charity under the name “Provincia di Foggia dei Frati Minori Cappuccini”), from which it has been “promoted”.

Private non-profit institution

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors, consisting of five Members  appointed by the Council of the “Capuchin Friars of the Province of Foggia”.

The Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors is chaired by Brother Francesco Dileo and the other members are Brother Aldo Broccato (vice chairman), Brother Luciano Lotti, Brother Nicola Monopoli and Mrs Marianna Morante (councilors).

Foundation Activities

It was founded in July 1970, by the Capuchin Friars of the Sant’Angleo – Foggia Province…

Tele Radio Padre Pio is the broadcasting station of the Capuchin Friars of the Religious Province of Sant’Angelo…

The “Padre Pio” Reading Room was established in May of 1990 with the strong support of…